Friday, May 27, 2016


 The official newsletter that recaps meetings “the morning after”
 Vol. 1, Iss. 1

 Message from the President I have had this idea for a little while about creating some type of newsletter for the club. We do a lot that not only do people not know about, but that we tend to miss out on if we are unable to attend meetings. As such, rather than read boring minutes, I decided to initiate this newsletter. This will be sent out (hopefully with regularity) the morning after every meeting. It will encapsulate what was discussed at the meeting, upcoming events, and some other little fun factoids. If you have suggestions about how this could be or look better, information that should be included, or would like to share something for the good of the club, please let me know! I can only do the good things you want if you tell them to me!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Finished Super Bowl Squares

                                2016 SUPER BOWL SQUARES

4 9 7 8 3 2 6 0 5 1
7 Mark E. GV Dawn&Steven TLG Kristin Knight Dawn&Steven G/M Hornung Darwin C Nunn Jean.M.
3 cashflowman Mark E. StealthWolf B-Mac Suzanne.W. Eric R. Dawn&Steven Dave Roche Jenn A. ColleenA
8 ColleenA MHM Mark E. GV rhemmes StealthWolf Suzanne.W. Patty Stepanian Erik.k. Steve Dolan
5 TLG Marla Mickey Mark E. TLG Linda JOHN.P. Scott.A. TLG CLukac
2 C Nunn Suzanne.W. ColleenA Dawn&Steven Mark E. JVM Michelle J23 Crystal JOHN.P. G/M Hornung
6 Dawn&Steven cashflowman MJO ColleenA Rachel.C. Patty Stepanian MHM B-Mac GV DeVera Clan
1 Donna.K. G/M Hornung Scott.A. Patty Stepanian Matt.L. Crystal Mickey Eric R. Dawn&Steven Perry W.
4 Erik.k. Patty Stepanian Steve Dolan C Nunn DeVera Clan GV Linda Mark E. MJO C Nunn
9 JohnRosina Dawn&Steven cashflowman Dave Roche ColleenA TLG Dawn&Steven Suzanne.W. Kristin Knight JohnRosina
0 Jean.M. Mickey Suzanne.W. Gina_Elaine G/M Hornung Nancy H-E rhemmes Dawn&Steven Jenn A. GV

Monday, January 11, 2016

Super bowl squares

Bordentown Kiwanis 2016 Super bowl squares is starting up again, if you wish to purchase ticket you can use the Buy Now button bellow and you can pay for the squares with pay pal.  If you do not feel comfortable with pay-pal contact a member of the club to arrange payment.